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In Search Of A Good And Quality Medical Billing and Transcriptions ?

We pivot your Revenue Cycle Management

Our foundation began with an idea of starting a software for medical billing, whereas we have ended in starting RCM instead. It’s now history that we have begun EMR integration and well growing with healthcare.


The Heart of Your Practice is Cash Flow.


We know the set of procedure codes that chiropractors can use.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and Orthodontists take special note.


Dermatology billing requires detailed reporting on skin abnormalities.

Our Services

We offer several services which will be much convinient and
helpful to grow in your business

Personalised Customer Service

From on-boarding to managing every day requests, you'll receive a dedicated support specialist with 15+ year experience.

Technology Integration

We know all the major electronic health records and practice management systems. We can provide our own cloud-based system.

24/7/365 Personnel

You'll never have to tell your staff to stay late or come in early again. We work around the clock focused on your claims and transcripts and complete all your needs.