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Credentialing or enrolling with government and commercial payers is challenging any way you slice it, but we’re here to eliminate the stress and paperwork associated with the process. We take care of everything from start to finish and keep you from spinning your wheels on the telephone for 4 hours a day just to be told the same thing you were told 4 weeks ago. We offer physician credentialing services in all 50 states and work with thousands of providers every year.

Our team of specialists completes all the benefit verification work well before the office visit and follow up with payers after the initial submission till confirmation is obtained. The service includes verification of all details such as:

   Payable benefits




   Patient policy status

   Effective date

   Type of plan and coverage details

   Plan exclusions

   Claims mailing address

   Referrals & pre-authorizations

   Health insurance caps

   DME reimbursement

Credentialing services are an absolute necessity for any physician or provider who wants to optimize the performance of their practice. Proper enrollment ensures that payment is not delayed or denied by the insurance carrier.

Our Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

Patient Registration and Scheduling – Receiving patient schedules from the hospital or clinic via FTP, Fax or Dropbox. We can work directly on your practice management system.

Patient Enrollment – Entering demographic information entry or update.

Eligibility Verification – Verifying coverage on all primary and secondary payers

Authorization – Confirming authorization for treatment from appropriate sources, if applicable

Contacting Patients – For further insurance details, we communicate with the patients Billing System Update – Updating the billing system with the verified details

Our team of experts has long-term experience in the industry and can assist in overcoming all your challenges. When you choose to outsource your insurance benefit verification and authorization services to us, you benefit from:

Speedy approval and authorization

Simplified workflow

Reduced risk

Reduced number of returned claims

Faster billing cycles

Minimal delays

Improved payment and collections

Free up your staff to focus on more productive tasks

Avoid patient care delays, claim denials and appeals! Accurate verification of co-pays, deductibles, payable benefits and more! Dial +1 442 200 6166 for more details.