In Search Of A Good And Quality Medical Billing and Transcriptions ?

We pivot your Revenue Cycle Management

Our foundation began with an idea of starting a software for medical billing, whereas we have ended in starting RCM instead. It’s now history that we have begun EMR integration and well growing with healthcare.


The Heart of Your Practice is Cash Flow.


We know the set of procedure codes that chiropractors can use.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and Orthodontists take special note.


Dermatology billing requires detailed reporting on skin abnormalities.


We are industry experts in otolaryngology billing.

Family Practice

Independent physician practices must look for ways to reduce costs.


We study the digestive system including all.

Mental Health

You will need an expert billing partner by your side.


Balance consultations with visits and optimize revenue.


OB/GYN billing for obstetrics and gynecology practices.


It is complex and requires a high level of expertise and knowledge.


It is quite complex due to the various documentation requirements.


It is one of our big specialties. We collect millions of dollars each year for orthopedic surgeons.

Pathology Lab

Increased regulation and reduced reimbursements have become standard across the healthcare industry.


Our podiatry billers know how to navigate the complexities in this field


Coding procedures, billing workflows, insurance reimbursements.


We are the experts in revenue management, billing and collections.

Vascular Billing

We collects millions of dollars each year for our vascular surgeon clients.

Mision & Vision

Our Mission

Revenantcare's mission is to provide innovative value added superior results and business solutions for healthcare professionals, medical practices and healthcare providers. To reduce claim errors, decrease turn around time on payments, increase reimbursement of claims and to make sure each client is completely satisfied with our services. We can ease your burden and save your time by helping you with this.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance their practice management, efficiency and profitability and be a trusted and a solutions oriented partner. We are passionate professionals, and foster a culture that demands integrity, respect, teamwork and professional growth. Revanant Healthcare services is here to help you save maximum possible revenue and get reimbursements for all the rendered services.