EMR Billing Services for Dermatologists

One of our areas of expertise is dermatology billing, which has long been a complicated matter.  Dermatology requires detailed reporting on skin lesions, including number, size and precise location, as well as detailed information on procedures, including excision, biopsy, and lesion destruction.  Many CPT codes used in dermatology are subject to multiple procedure rules, and a thorough understanding of modifiers and post-op periods is essential.

In addition to the complex, ever-changing landscape of insurance reimbursement, dermatology has also seen an evolution in practice workflow.  Most dermatology practices have expanded beyond just medical and surgical to offer a wide range of cosmetic, cash-based services.  This requires practices to implement technology, develop processes, and manage performance across different, distinct service lines.  This is where a Revenue Cycle Management partner like Revenant Care can add value.

If you think medical billing is complicated, imagine how your patients feel. Revenant Healthcare will field all patient phone calls related to billing so that your staff can focus on patient care, allowing your practice to run more efficiently. Our dermatology billing specialists in USA will take the time to review EOBs and make sure your patients understand their insurance benefits and financial obligations.

Request a Medical billing services in USA quote to learn how Revenant HealthCare can help your dermatology practice with medical coding, billing, and reimbursement.

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