Medical Billing Services in Delaware

Revenant Specialty expertise – Our team has expertise in working with a wide variety of medical practices and specialties. You can be assured that your billing and coding is in great hands.

Receiving appropriate payment for medical services rendered is a challenge for today’s healthcare providers. With higher numbers of self-pay patients and the increasing complexities of legislative mandates, your practice is at a greater risk for repeated denials, revenue shortfalls, and compliance issues.  Without dedicated specialists to help manage the process and work with physicians to ensure accurate documentation, maintaining and growing a healthy, profitable practice can be a significant challenge. Accurate, thorough medical coding is simply a must-have for modern, successful healthcare practices.

Our comprehensive coding services are available as part of our full Medical Billing Services in Delaware or as a standalone service. Our closed-loop process is seamlessly integrated with your billing system to ensure the highest degree of data integrity. We also match coders to your operations on a specialty or sub-specialty level to facilitate seamless integration of our coders with your practice.

Revenant Healthcare Advantage

·     Expert, certified coders that are specialty-specific and dedicated to your account

·     A comprehensive process tailored to your specific policies and protocols

·     Proprietary workflow management system that supports the coding process and tracks every record, code, and status

·     A multi-faceted rules engine that supports compliance and accurate code assignment

·     Automated charge entry designed to eliminate manual processes and errors

·     An integrated communication process to identify documentation issues and proactively avoid them

·     An organization that is passionate about customer service, education, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the revenue cycle

Revenant Healthcare empowers healthcare providers with a rigorously focused approach, customized to specific medical specialty, and designed to optimize the revenue cycle. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

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