Outsourcing Your Chiropractic Medical Billing & Collections

Revenant Healthcare Medical Coding and Billing Services in USA offers a dedicated and competent team of experts in order to accomplish maximum payout on billing claims. Our experts specializing in billing and coding for chiropractic services have in-depth knowledge and experience in processing claims with stringent government sponsored, as well as private hospitalist insurance schemes related to the specialty.

Having a first-hand experience at radical coding system, our coders and billers have been able to achieve an enviable success rate of claim reimbursement. Being an indispensable value-chain, our billing and coding experts ensure a steady inflow of reimbursement revenues, which positively impact physicians’ skill, patient influx, and service referrals.

Why Choose Revenant for Chiropractic Medical Billing?

  • Electronic Claim Submission with minimum Turn-Around Time
  • We cover major medical insurance & claims
  • We ensure that your claims won’t get rejected because of missing Patient information.
  • We provide regular reports to keep you informed about the claims.
  • Our team of professionals available over phone calls & mails.
  • We ensure that your cash flow won’t get interrupted in any sense.
  • We rely upon State-of-the-Art Technology & software to serve our clients.

Comprehensive Billing and Coding :

Our specialists are expert at coding and billing for the entire portfolio of chiropractic procedures. Complying with the prevailing standard codes applicable, our billing and coding professionals scrupulously undertake billing and coding for the following:

  • Certain primary chiropractic investigations such as examination, digital X-Ray, enhanced Computer X-Ray Analysis, CT scan, MRI, Bone Scans, Bone Density Evaluations, Laboratory Services, and Ultrasound are regularly coded and billed by our billers and coders.
  • Core-chiropractic healing techniques such as — Spinal Adjustments, also known as Spinal Manipulation, Spinal Decompression, Electro-Muscle Stimulation, Inferential Electro-Therapy, Massage Therapy, Superficial Heat, Cryotherapy, Intersegmental Traction, Microcurrent Therapy, and Physical Therapy.
  • Sports Medicine, Nutritional Analysis, Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, and Fitness Training.


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