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Medical Billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with payers. It is often considered tedious, but is nonetheless vital to every provider, whatever the size of their practice.

Outsourcing your medical billing requirements to Revenant Healthcare means claims are prepared properly; any issues or potential errors are flagged before submission; and batches of e-claims are submitted quickly and more frequently so as to reduce the billing cycle. Accounts receivable and denials are likewise managed efficiently, with any legitimate payer denials identified and corrected for future cycles, giving providers the much-needed peace of mind.

Our executive dashboard gives you a real-time view into office visit trends, gross charges, net collections and pending accounts receivables

   Super Competitive Rates

   20% Improvement in A/R

   Practice Management Expertise

   25% Decrease in Insurance Denials

   Most Medical Specialties + Dental

   35% Decrease in Billing Costs


We’ll solve your reimbursement puzzle.

Charge Entry

Getting paid fast starts here. We'll ensure you capture the correct patient demographics, payer and encounter information to accelerate payment.

Certified Medical Coding

Our medical coders lookup the correct ICD-10 and CPT codes using advanced software to ensure claims are clean and correct the first time.

Secondary Insurances

We automatically bill any secondary and tertiary payers. We follow the cash no matter where it may lead.

Claims Follow-Up

Aggressive, effective denied claims appeal. We won’t take no for an answer.

Payment Posting

We audit each ERA/EOB for correct payment and post paper remittances.

Patient Billing

We print and mail out beautiful patient statements on your behalf.


Financial performance dashboards with custom reports delivered to your inbox.

Virtual Office Assistant - Patient Access

Speak with patients, schedule appointments, check insurance eligibility and all other front-office tasks.

Why Outsourcing Medical billing?

Save billing staff costs

Avoid team employee turnover

Efficient billing process, done by experts.

Complete medical billing services on your existing software or we can help you switch to another one.

Our Service Features and Benefits

Dedicated Billing Manager

No long-term yearly contracts

Regular QA checking and reporting

Quarterly coding updates

System-based eligibility checking

Get access to our web-based software all the time

Customizable reports every month

Weekly meetings to discuss progress and go over reports

Experienced Medical Billing and Coding Specialists Team :

Staffed with knowledgeable and experienced billing specialists, AHIMA and AAPC certified coders, and other service personnel, we have extensive experience in managing all types of billing scenarios. Our team stays up to date with the changing insurance guidelines and policies and prepares your claims based on those details.

We provide accurate billing and coding services using either your billing software or our own web-based software.